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Tomintoul is a Village leading into the Speyside area of the Highlands in Scotland, 14 miles south of Grantown on Spey, 24 miles north of Ballater, on The Lecht Mountain Road, passing The Lecht Ski Centre at 2,090 feet above sea level.

Tomintoul is popular for being the Highest Village in the Highlands at 345m /1,132ft, the Drive over the Mountains, Museum at The Square, Glenlivet Estate for Walks/Biking, Corgarff Castle 10 miles south at Cock Bridge, and a number of Walks in the area.

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The image top is of The Square in the Centre of Tomintoul. The Village was built around the Square from 1775 for Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon.

The Mountain Road here was built by the Military in the 1750s, a time the Government was trying to enforce Law and Order throughout the Highlands, with this Area famous for Cattle Rustling and Illegal Whisky Distilling.

Tomintoul Museum or Tomintoul & Glenlivet Discovery Centre, is on the west side of The Square, with Interactive Displays of the History and Heritage of Tomintoul & Glenlivet Estate.

On the east side of The Square is the Tomintoul Fountain, built for Robert Gordon in 1915.

Tomintoul Fine Art or Tomintoul Gallery, is on the Main Street at the north end of The Square. Jane Lannagan produces a wide range of Original Art and Prints, for sale at the Gallery or Online.

Tomintoul Parish Church is on the Main Street, opened in 1827, extended in 1900. This was one of many Churches built around the Highlands at that time by Thomas Telford for the Government. People attending Churches were more likely to lead a Family Life, Pay Taxes, and not get involved in anything Illegal.

The Richmond Arms Hotel is at the north end of The Square, built around 1898 as a Fishing Lodge.

The long Main Street leads south into the Mountains where the road climbs up to the Lecht Ski Centre at 2,090 feet above sea level, 7 miles south, built from the 1970s. The Ski Centre Cafe/Diner is open all year round.

Tomintoul History

1500s - the vast Glenlivet Estate was acquired by the Gordon's, land previously owned by the Grants.

1550 - Corgarff Castle was built for the Elphinstone family 10 miles south of Tomintoul. This Castle was leased to the Forbes family, who fought the Gordon's over centuries.

1564 - Blairfindy Castle was completed for the Gordon's on the Glenlivet Estate, about 6 miles north of where Tomintoul is today.

1571 - the Gordon's burned Corgarff Castle, killing 26 Men, Women, and Children.

1594 - the Battle of Glenlivet took place. The Catholic Earl of Huntly’s forces of Clans Gordon, Hay, Comyn, and Cameron, defeated the Protestant Earl of Argyll’s forces of Clans Campbell, Murry, Stewart, Forbes, Macgillivray, Maclean, Grant, and the Chattan Confederation of Clan MacKintosh.

1700s - there were about 200 Illegal Whisky Distilleries operating in the Glenlivet area.

1746 - the Battle of Culloden ended with Government Forces defeating the Jacobite's. The Government then set about building Roads and Forts throughout the Highlands to keep the Area under control. Many existing Castles were taken over to serve as Barracks for Government Troops.

Most Gordon's fought on the Government side during the Jacobite Risings, although some fought with the Jacobite's.

1748 - Corgarff Castle was taken from the Forbes family as they were accused of supporting the Jacobite's. The Government then converted that Castle into Barracks for Government Troops to control the Area.

As well as preventing any more Risings, the Government Troops were used to prevent Cattle Rustling, and Illegal Whisky Distilling.

1750s - the Mountain Road was completed by the Military between Ballater and Grantown on Spey, passing through Glenlivet Estate, now known as the Lecht Road, Old Military Road, or A939.

1775 - Alexander Gordon began building Tomintoul Village, with the Mountain Road running through the Village. Claims are, part of the reason he built the Village, was to clear people off his Estate involved in Illegal Distilling and Cattle Rustling.

1824 - the Glenlivet Distillery opened, first Legal Distillery in the area.

1937 - The Crown Estate / Government and Public owned, acquired the Glenlivet Estate, now with a number of Walking and Biking trails.

1970s - the Lecht Ski Centre opened 7 miles south of Tomintoul.

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