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Dallas Dhu Distillery

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The Dallas Dhu Distillery is 1 mile south of the town of Forres, 32 miles northeast of Aviemore, 27 miles east of Inverness, 80 miles northwest of Aberdeen.

Currently Closed, check the website for when it may re-open. Postcode: IV36 2RR.

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The Image top is of the Dallas Dhu Distillery from the Drive.

This Distillery was founded in 1898 by Alexander Edward, a land owner with a Country Estate by Forres.

The Distillery stopped production in 1983, with it opened to the Public in 1988 as a Museum.

The Distillery is as it was when working, with the Tours allowing a full guide around all the workings from Distilling to Maturing in Barrels to Blending.

Dallas Dhu Single Malt can still be bought, from 22 to 50 years old, £400 to £6,700 per bottle.

2018 - the owners, Historic Environment Scotland, invited companies to tender proposals to turn Dallas Dhu Distillery into a Working Distillery again.

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Dallas Dhu Distillery History

1898 - this Distillery was built for Alexander Edward of the Sanquhar Estate, named Dallasmore Distillery. Most of the equipment was powered by Steam Engines and a Water Wheel.

1899 - Wright & Greig Ltd took over the company, changing the name to Dallas Dhu.

1919 - Dallas Dhu was sold to J. P. O'Brian & Co.

1921 - Dallas Dhu was sold to Benmore Distilleries Ltd with much of the Dallas Dhu Malt Whisky used in their Benmore Blended Whisky.

1928 - Benmore's Distilleries was taken over by the Distillers Company (DCL), with them closing the Distillery until 1936.

1939 - Dallas Dhu was damaged by a fire.

1947 - after World War Two, the Distillery was re-opened.

1950s - Dallas Dhu was converted to run on Electricity.

1950s / 1960s - the Distillery was expanded with new equipment to increase production.

1968 - Dallas Dhu stopped Malting Barley as the owners had built a large Malting Plant at Burghead to produce Malted Barley for all their Distilleries.

1968 - 1969 - the Stills were replaced.

1971 - the Stills were converted from Coal heat to Oil-Fired Steam heat.

1983 - Dallas Dhu Distillery was closed, with reasons given as Financial and an unreliable Water Supply, with the last barrel filled on 16th March of that year.

1988 - Dallas Dhu Distillery was opened to the public by Scotland's Historic Buildings and Monument Directorate.

1929 - Historic Scotland took over the operation of running Dallas Dhu as a Museum.

2015 - Historic Scotland merged with the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS), now known as Historic Environment Scotland, looking after many of the top attractions in Scotland, including Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, and the Wallace Monument.

2018 - Dallas Dhu Distillery was offered on the market to companies interested in producing Whisky from the Distillery once again.

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