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Forres is a Town on the Moray Coast area of Scotland, 26 miles east of Inverness, 10 miles east of Nairn.

Forres is popular for St Laurence Church, Tolbooth and Market Cross, Falconer Museum, Grant Park with Nelsons Tower, all on or by the High Street. Sueno's Stone is at the east end of Town, Benromach Distillery north side, Dallas Dhu Distillery 2 miles south, Brodie Castle 4 miles west, Kinloss Abbey 3 miles northeast, Findhorn 4 miles northeast for Water Sports & Boat Trips, and there are a number of Walks in the area including Randolph's Leap and the Moray Way.

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The image top is Forres War Memorial by Bridge Street, 200 yards downhill from the west end of the High Street. Next to the Memorial is Castle Park Gardens with the Thomson Memorial unveiled in 1857, commemorating the Crimea War.

The second image is of St Laurence Church on the High Street, completed in 1906, on the site of earlier Churches dating back to the 1200s.

The Tolbooth is in the centre of the High Street with the Market Cross in front. The Tolbooth was completed in 1839 to serve as a Court and Jail, now used as Council Offices.

The Market Cross was erected in 1844, on the base of a much earlier Market Cross.

The Falconer Museum is on Tolbooth Street, just off the High Street, a Free Museum giving information on Forres through the centuries, including Artifacts from Pre-History.

Grant Park is at the east end of the High Street, with award winning Flower Beds, Cricket, Kids Play, and Nelson's Tower on top of Cluny Hill by at the Park.

Nelson's Tower was completed in 1812 in honour of Admiral Lord Nelson, who died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Each floor has information on Nelson and the top gives great views over Forres and north to Findhorn Bay and Village. The Woodland Path up to the Tower is fairly steep, taking about 20 minutes to walk. Free entry with donations encouraged.

Sueno's Stone is at the north side of Forres, continue straight up the High Street and Victoria Road until signs show the road into the Stone.

This is the largest surviving carved Pictish Stone in Scotland, about 23 feet / 7 metres high, said to have been created in the 800s. A Glass Structure was built around the Stone in the 1990s to prevent further Erosion.

Forres Golf Club is on the south side of the Town, founded in 1889.

Benromach Distillery is on the north side of Town with a Visitor Centre, easily found by its tall Chimney. This Distillery was founded in 1898, producing Malt Whisky from 10 to 50 years old.

Dallas Dhu Distillery is 2 miles south of Forres. This Distillery now serves as a Museum, as it stopped producing Whisky in 1983.

Brodie Castle is 4 miles west, built for Clan Brodie from the 1500s, opened to the public since the 1980s.

Forres History

800s? - Sueno's Stone was carved and erected at Forres by the Picts.

800s - a Royal Castle had been built at Forres to help control the area, claimed to have been for Kenneth McAlpine, first King of united Scotland. Before this time, Scotland was split into many Kingdoms.

1100s - the King awarded an Estate 4 miles east of Forres to Clan Brodie, with an early Castle said to have been built there around that time.

1140s - Forres became a Royal Burgh, allowing the Town to hold Markets and Trade around the Country.

1150 - Kinloss Abbey was founded by King David I, 3 miles northeast of Forres.

1500s - the Brodie Castle seen today was built 4 miles west of Forres, probably on the site of a much earlier Castle.

1700s - Horse Riders delivered Mail around the area, a time when there were few roads or bridges.

1800s early - new Road Surfaces and Bridges were built throughout north Scotland, known as McAdam, different sizes of small stones, packed down to make an even surface.

1812 - Horse pulled Mail Coaches began operating in the area, delivering Mail and transporting People.

1839 - the Tolbooth was completed to serve as a Court and Jail.

1844 - the Market Cross was erected where a much earlier Cross had been, in front of the Tolbooth.

1858 - the Railway reached Forres, on the Lines connecting Inverness, Aberdeen and Perth, leading to the end of the Horse pulled Mail Coaches.

1895 - the first Cars were imported into Scotland, creating a lot of dust when traveling fast over the McAdam Roads.

1898 - Benromach Distillery was founded, producing Single Malt Whisky.

1899 - Dallas Dhu Distillery began producing Single Malt Whisky.

1902 - Tar was sprayed on the McAdam Roads to prevent dust, beginning of modern day roads.

1906 - St Laurence Church was completed.

2017 - a new Train Station at Forres was opened.

2019 - I visited Forres for Photos in late summer, when the Town was a mass of Flowers down the High Street and at Grant Park.

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