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Kenmore is a small Village 37 miles northwest of Perth at the north end of Loch Tay.

The Village is popular for its Holiday Resorts, Hotel with a large riverside beer garden, Taymouth Castle Estate Walks, Golf, Salmon Fishing, Watersports, Hill Walk, and the Crannog Centre showing how people used to live in Houses built on the Loch.

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The image top is of Taymouth Castle in a Country Estate at Kenmore, with the Main Entrance being from Kenmore Square, from where you can walk around the Estate. This Castle was completed in 1842 for Clan Campbell to replace their Castle from the 1400s. The Castle is Private, is being converted to a Family Home or a Hotel? Walk Route

The Beach at Kenmore is on the east side of the Village at the head of Loch Tay.

The Village Square has a few Cottages, Post Office, Church, Hotel and the Main Entrance to Taymouth Castle, it is about a 20 minute walk from the Gateway to the Castle.

From Kenmore Bridge you get a good view across the River Tay to the Kenmore Hotel Beer Garden, one of the largest Beer Gardens in Scotland where you can relax and watch people Swimming and Kayaking. This Bridge was built in 1774.

The Kenmore Club is a Resort on the southwest side of Kenmore Bridge with a Lochside Restaurant, Tennis, and Cottage Style Accomodations.

The Mains of Taymouth Resort is on the northeast side of the Bridge with a wide range of Self Catering properties, Golf, Horse Riding, Watersports, Restaurant and Shopping.

The Scottish Crannog Centre is under 1 mile southeast of Kenmore on the east side of Loch Tay. This is a reconstruction of a Loch Dwelling completed in 1997, with these having been used from 5,000 years back, the remains of over 500 Crannog's have been found around Scotland.

The Taymouth Marina is also on the east side of Loch Tay by the Crannog Centre with Self Catering Properties and a wide range of Watersports Hire.

Kenmore History

1263 - the first Campbell's are recorded in Scotland.

1300s - the Campbell's fought with Robert the Bruce during the Wars of Independence against England. After Bruce became King of Scotland, he awarded vast Estates to the Campbell's, much of this land taken from Clans that fought against The Bruce.

1552 - Balloch Castle was built where Kenmore is today for Clan Campbell.

The Village of Kenmore no doubt grew around the Campbell Castle as these Estates employed a large number of people.

1572 - the Kenmore Hotel was built for Colin Campbell to replace a Tavern on that site from 1502.

1700s - The Campbell's fought for Kings against the Jacobite's. After the Jacobite's were defeated, the Campbell's and other Clans that fought for the Kings gained wealth, while many Clans that fought against lost everything.

1760 - Kenmore Church was built in the Village Square, a time when the 3rd Earl Campbell was redesigning the Village.

Most early Castles had their Workers living around the Castles, then as they began enlarging the Castles and adding show Gardens with plants from around the world, mainly to show their friends how rich they were, they built Villages about 1 mile from the Castle to house their workers. Was not a good look having many poor people around their grand homes.

1774 - Kenmore Bridge was completed across the wide River Tay.

1842 - the huge Taymouth Castle was completed for the Campbell's on the site of the old Balloch Castle.

1900s mid - many large Landowners began having financial difficulties, struggling to maintain their huge homes. Many began selling off some of their land, opening Golf Course, Theme Parks, Holiday Parks and Hunting to try and raise funds for the upkeep. Some gifted their Homes to Historic Scotland to be used as Museums.

1982 - Taymouth Castle was abandoned due to lack of maintenance. It is thought the new owners are going to convert the Castle to a Luxury Hotel or Private Home, work is still being carried out in the 2020s.

1992 - the Mains of Taymouth Golf Course was opened on the grounds of Taymouth Castle, with many holes around the Castle.

1997 - The Scottish Crannog Centre opened by Kenmore.

2000s early - some land of Taymouth Castle was converted to Holiday Resorts such as the Mains of Taymouth and The Kenmore Club.

2013 - the Taymouth Marina opened by Kenmore for Holidays and Watersports.

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