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Moffat is a Town in south Scotland, 44 miles north of Carlisle, under 1 mile off the A74 / M6 motorway, 21 miles northeast of Dumfries. The Town is popular as a stopping point for tour buses, shopping, cafe / diners, golf, walking routes, and hiking mountains up to 2,755 feet. This is one of the most scenic Towns in Scotland.

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Moffat grew around the wool trade and as a spa town after a mineral spring was found in 1633. The Town has the shortest street in Scotland, narrowest street, and narrowest Hotel.

The image top is of Station Park on the south side of Moffat where there is a large car park. The Park has a kids play, pleasure boats for the lake, and a memorial for Hugh Dowding, commander of RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain. Dowding was born at St Ninian's School in Moffat 1882.

The Moffat Mill is on the south side of town, a popular place for tour buses. The complex has a great selection of shops, whisky, clan information, and cafe / diner. This former Woollen Mill was converted to a large shopping venue in the 1970s?

St Andrew's Parish Church is on Churchgate between the Park, Moffat Mill and Town centre. This Church of Scotland was completed in 1887.

The Moffat Museum is also on Churchgate next to the Town centre. This is a small free Museum, a fast way to view the history of Moffat.

The Town centre is a large square with seven Hotels and shops all around. The building with the Clock Tower is the Old Jail.

The centre of the Square has a Statue of a Ram on top of rocks erected in 1875, a symbol of the Towns connection to the Wool Trade.

The Town Hall also looks over the Town Square. This building was built in 1827 as a Spa Hall. The building was bought by the council in 1966 for £4, and restored in 2013.

Moffat House Hotel is at the top of Moffat Square. This Mansion was built in 1761 by John Adam for the 2nd Earl of Hopetoun as a family home, converted to the Moffat House Hotel in 1950.

Well Street runs up between the Old Jail and Star Hotel. A short walk up Well Street is Chapel Street, shortest street in Scotland.

The Star Hotel is the narrowest Hotel in the world, and across the road from the Star Hotel is Syme Street, narrowest street in Scotland.

Moffat Golf Club is just over one mile in the hills above the Town with views from the Clubhouse over Moffat.

The Grey Mares Tail Waterfalls are 10 miles northeast of Moffat. The falls are about 200 feet at one point.

The Falls are on the 2,696ft White Comb Mountain range with water from Loch Skeen between the Mountains feeding the Falls.

There are five Mountains in a horseshoe around the loch popular with hikers.

Many people though just hike up to the Falls and Loch at around 1,670 feet.

The 2,755ft Broad Law Mountain is about 19 miles north of Moffat by the Talla Reservoir. This is a fairly easy hike as the car parking is at about 1,450ft up a scary Mountain Road. This is the second highest Mountain in southern Scotland after the 2,766ft Merrick 97 miles west at Glentrool in Galloway.

The 212 mile Southern Upland Way walking route passes close to Moffat, with many walkers visiting the town.

Moffat History

100 AD - the Romans built a road past Moffat up into Scotland as they tried to take control of Scotland. They had a Fort close to Moffat used to control the area.

162 - the Romans withdrew to Hadrian's Wall along the north of England.

400s - the Romans left the British Isles. Scottish Kingdoms began merging from this time until one King ruled all of Scotland.

1000s - King Malcolm III of Scotland and his Sons gained control of all the land close to what is Scotland today, becoming the first Kings of all Scotland.

Kings from that time used religion and powerful large families to help gain and control areas by awarding them large Estates and giving them power over the area.

1160 - the Bruce Clan became Lords of Annandale, controlling the area around Moffat and to the south. Their Castle was at Lochmaben 15 miles south. The Bruce became Kings of Scotland in the 1300s with their descendants being the Stuart's.

The town of Moffat grew around sheep and the wool trade.

1633 - a Mineral Spring was found at Moffat, leading to the Town becoming a popular Spa Resort with a number of Hotels.

1683 - the Black Bull Inn opened close to the Town Square. This Inn is still open.

1707 - the Act of the Union led to Scotland and England merging into Great Britain, leading to safer times. Many Castles / Tower Houses were replaced by Mansions from that time and trade and Tourism between the two Countries escalated.

From this time the wide Moffat square was developed with Hotels and shops to cater for the many horse drawn carriages traveling between England and Edinburgh.

This layout turned out to be ideal for the many Tourists in cars 200 years later with car parking and seating all around in a scenic open space.

1760 - the Annandale Arms Hotel is opened on the Town Square. This Hotel is still open.

1761 - Moffat House Mansion was built for the 2nd Earl of Hopetoun.

1790 - St Andrews Church is completed.

1700s late - the Star Hotel is completed as the narrowest Hotel in the World at just 20 feet wide. This Hotel is still open.

1827 - a Spa Hall was opened, that later became the Town Hall.

1875 - the sculpture of the Moffat Ram was completed by William Brodie.

1878 - Moffat's 300 room Hydropathic Hotel was opened on the north side of the Town on Hydro Avenue.

1883 - the railway reached Moffat.

1920 - the War Memorial was erected in the Square.

1921 - the Hydropathic Hotel was destroyed by fire, little remains.

1950 - Moffat House Mansion was converted to a Hotel.

1954 - the Railway closed.

1966 - the Spa Hall was bought by the council to serve as a Town Hall.

Today - Moffat attracts many visitors stopping off when traveling the M74 / M6 motorway between England and Scotland.

Walking and hiking in the area is fast becoming a top attraction.

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