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Rispain Camp is in Galloway southwest Scotland, 24 miles southeast of Stranraer, 66 miles southwest of Dumfries, 1 mile west of Whithorn village off the A746. The post code link is for Rispain Farm, where the car park is situated. Postcode: DG8 8NA

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This is another interesting attraction on the Whithorn Peninsular (The Machars). The drive around the Peninsular is about 45 miles, a full day if visiting all the Attractions.

The image top is of the path round from the car park at Rispain Farm to the Camp. The car park in the farm yard has no Signs, head North then you will see the path leading uphill to the Camp. It is about 300 yards from the car park to the Camp.

The information board states:
This ancient monument is a spectacular example of a fortified iron age farm. Its defenses are so well preserved that archaeologists once thought it to be a Roman fort or medieval moated homestead. But recent excavations (1978 & 1981) left no doubt that it was built and inhabited between 100BC and AD200 by local Celtic farmers.

The name Rispain may derive from a local equivalent of the Old Welsh word, rhwospen, meaning the chief of the cultivated country, which would certainly be appropriate for this prestigious iron age farm.

The bottom image is looking east to Whithorn village, with Rispain Farm down to the right. This would have been a fairly impressive Fort with a Wooden Fence and Deep Ditch all around.

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