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Whithorn is in Galloway southwest Scotland, 30 miles southeast of Stranraer, 64 miles southwest of Dumfries.

Whithorn attracts visitors from far and wide as it was the site of the first Christian Church in Scotland, established by St Ninian around 397, 2 Museums, and the historic St Ninian Cave is just over 3 miles west.

The Town was also used in filming The Wicker Man Horror Film with Britt Eckland, Christopher Lee, and Edward Woodward.

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The image top is looking down the Main Street / George Street. The Town feels much larger than it is, due to the width of the Main Street. It is surprising there are no Hotels in the Town, just the one Cafe / Diner and one Pub.

The image second top shows the Town House and steeple.

St Martin's and St Ninian's Roman Catholic Church is also on the Main Street, there seems to be no information on when this Church was built.

The Whithorn Story Visitor Centre is also on the Main Street. The Centre displays Artifacts and a Simulated Archaeological Dig, depicting the creation of the Town, its Church and visiting Pilgrims.

Whithorn Memorial is in the centre of the Main Street, in front of the Steeple.

The Arch on Main Street leeds to Bruce Street, the Museum and Whithorn Priory. The Museum holds a number of large Christian Stones, some of the oldest Christian Stones in Scotland, including the Latinus Stone – Scotland’s earliest Christian Monument.

The Priory complex consists of the Priory remains on the left, new Parish Church from 1822 in the centre, and the ancient Crypt on the right. See the Whithorn Priory Page for more information.

The Nave and Crypt at the Priory can be explored, with the Crypt being the oldest remaining section.

An Excavation in 1957 led to the discovery of Bishops Tombs containing Jewellery. This Jewellery is now held in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, it is at times loaned to the Whithorn Museum, normaly in summer.

St Ninian's Cave car park is about 3 miles west, with a 1 mile walk from the car park to the Cave. The Cave is one of the Top Attractions in the Area, not to be missed, where some of the Stones in the Museum were found.

Rispain Camp is 1 mile west of Whithorn with the car park at Rispain Farm. This is the remains of a fairly large Iron Age Fort with a deep Ditch all around.

St Ninian's Chapel can be found at the Isle of Whithorn Village 4 miles south, at the end of this Peninsular.

This Peninsular is known as the Whithorn Peninsular or the Machars. It is about 45 miles around, with many Attractions. You should plan a full day if wanting to visit all the Attractions.

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