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The 1,083m 3,553ft Schiehallion mountain is situated 11 miles northwest of Aberfeldy, 81 miles north of Glasgow, 42 miles northwest of Perth.

The Car Park is about 310m / 1,000ft above sea level, so about 760m / 2,500ft of hiking to the top, averages about 2 and a half hours up and 2 hours back down, add time on if you like a few snack breaks.

The top image is from a LayBy when driving up from Aberfeldy with Schiehallion looking its highest from this side. There is a Camping and Touring site here named Glengoulandie.

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The 2nd image is of the entrance to the Schiehallion Car Park, name Braes of Foss Car Park, there is also now an Overspill Car Park half of a mile up the road as this is a real popular hike.

The 3rd image is of the Car Park with Toilets and Pay Machine, about £3 per day, coins only in 2021.

The 4th image is of the Start of the Trail from the top end of the Car Park. The large Notice Board here gives information on how Schiehallion was used back in the 1700s to work out the size of the World.

This is a good Trail all the way up onto the broad East Ridge where it says Path on the image right, just over 310m / 1,000ft up to there, the steepest part of the hike, it is then a steady hike to the Summit.

Along the East Ridge you go over Small Stones for about half of a mile, then over Boulders for about half of a mile, a bit slow going and sore on the feet, best wear your boots with the thickest soles and thickest socks. Large Image of the Boulder Field.

There is a little easy Rock Climbing onto the Summit, then some Rocks to walk along to the Cairn for great views West, not many Mountains have a Summit like Schiehallion.

I took the bottom pics the night before, then set off between 4 and 5 in the morning through Low Cloud, was above the Cloud going onto the East Ridge at about 2,000ft. The Pics from the Summit are about 1,500ft above the Clouds, a first for me, amazing when seen for the first time. Large Image from the Summit above the Clouds.

Was going to have a sleep on top so could get sunny pics on the Trail back down, but looked like it would be about 4 hours before the Cloud would clear, so headed back down, slow through the Boulders.

Just below the Boulder Field is a line of Little Cairns, probably to help people down in Thick Cloud.

Was glad to get back onto the Path, then plain sailing back to the Car Park.

Make sure and take an Ordanance Survey Map and Compass on these Hikes, and know how to use them, as in Cloud, these Mountains can be deadly. In Winter, make sure you have Crampons and an Ice Axe, and know how to use them.

Some people are now trying out OS Phone Apps that can help.

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