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St Boswells

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St Boswells is a Village in the Borders region in southeast Scotland, 39 miles south of Edinburgh, a good base to explore the Borders with Kelso being 10 miles east, Melrose 5 miles west, and Jedburgh 9 miles south.

St Boswells is popular for the Buccleuch Arms Hotel for meals, Donkey Sanctuary 1 mile north, Dryburgh Abbey a 3 mile drive around the River or Walk, Wallace Monument 3 miles north, and Scott's View 4 miles north.

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The image top is of the War Memorial on the west side of St Boswells.

The Buccleuch Arms Hotel is next to the War Memorial looking across The Green, a large 40 acre Grassland between the Hotel and Village centre, said to be the largest Village Green in Scotland.

The Buccleuch Arms Hotel was built in the 1830s to accommodate Fox Hunting friends of the 5th Duke of Buccleuch. The Buccleuch Hunt Kennels used to be next to the Hotel. Hotel History.

St Boswells Village Centre has a few Shops, Restaurants, Village Hall, and St Boswells Parish Church built in 1844 as a Free Church.

St Boswells Golf Club was founded in 1899.

Dryburgh Abbey is just across the River from St Boswells a 2 mile Walk round via a Footbridge and passing the Temple of the Muses. Map

You can also drive 3 miles around to the Abbey via the wide River Tweed Mertoun Bridge completed in 1841.

The Abbey was built from the 1150s and had to be Rebuilt a few times after being damaged in Wars with England.

Sir Walter Scott is Buried in Dryburgh Abbey.

Catholic Worship was banned in Scotland in the 1560s, leading to the Abbeys falling into Ruin, with some of their Stone taken for other Buildings in the areas.

The Wallace Statue was built in 1814 for David Steuart Erskine, 11th Earl of Buchan. The Statue can be found on the B6356 road that runs from the Mertoun Bridge towards Melrose. There is a 1 mile walk from the car park out to the Statue.

Scott's View is right next to the B5356 road, about 1 mile past the Wallace Statue. This is said to be the favourite view of Sir Walter Scott who lived at Abbotsford House 7 miles west. His Funeral Carriage stopped at this spot in September 1832 as his Body was taken to Dryburgh Abbey for Burial.

Interesting History

1743 - The Green began being the venue for the St Boswells Fair held each year on the 18th July, originally for selling Sheep over seven days.

1820s - the Fair was reduced to a one day event with Cattle, and at times over 1000 Horses being on sale, with many Gypsies attending from Scotland, England, and Ireland.

The Fair is still held today, although more traditional, with only a few Horses for sale.

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