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North Queensferry is a Village in Scotland 14 miles northwest of Edinburgh, across the Firth of Forth from South Queensferry. The village is popular for its Bridges, St James Chapel, and Deep Sea World.

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The image top is of North Queensferry from a Boat Trip that departs from South Queensferry to the Three Bridges and Inchcolm Island with an Abbey.

The Rail Bridge was completed in 1889, First Road Bridge in 1964, and Second Road Bridge in 2017. The Ferry service between South and North Queensferry ended after the first Road Bridge was completed in 1964.

The third image shows the Slip area below the Forth Rail Bridge where the Ferries would dock.

The fourth image shows the Albert Hotel and fifth the Wee Restaurant.

The War Memorial is in the Village centre at the top of the Main Street.

St James Chapel is in the Village centre on Chapel Place, with the earliest parts of the Chapel from the 1300s.

Deep Sea World is on the east side of the Village with a large car park for the many visitors. There is a long Glass Tunnel that allows you to see the Fish and Sharks up close. You can also book a Dive with the Sharks.

North Queensferry History

1068 - Saint Margaret visited Scotland where she met and married King Malcolm III of Scotland. She used the crossing when traveling between Edinburgh Castle and Dunfermline, with Dunfermline the capitol of Scotland at that time with its historic Abbey Church, burial place of King Robert the Bruce.

Margaret helped establish the villages North and South Queensferry so there would be a regular Ferry for Pilgrims traveling north to Dunfermline and St Andrews, two of the top religious centre's of the time.

1300s - St James Chapel was built in the Village centre, said to be for King Robert the Bruce around 1320-23.

1651 - Oliver Cromwell's Government forces took control of the area as they defeated the Scots fighting for the Royals during the English Civil War. St James Chapel is said to have been destroyed by Cromwell's men around that time.

1700s - St James Chapel was used as a Cemetery for members of the North Queensferry Sailors’ Society.

1813 - the Village Pier was completed.

1817 - the Harbour Light Tower was built.

1828 - the Village Pier was extended by Thomas Telford to allow larger steam powered Ferries to be operated on the crossing.

1889 - the Forth Rail Bridge was completed with much of the stone for the foundations taken from Battery Quarry at North Queensferry.

1964 - the First Road Bridge was completed, leading to the end of the Ferries.

1993 - Deep Sea World opened on the east side of the Village at the disused Battery Quarry below the Forth Rail Bridge.

2017 - the Second Road Bridge was completed as the first Bridge could not cope with the increasing traffic.

Some of the many Steel Strands making up the huge Steel Cables the First Road Bridge was hanging on, were starting to decay and Snap. It is unclear how long that Bridge may last. The Bridge is monitored with sensors so they know how many Steel Strands are Snapping.

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