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Ruthven Barracks are 1 mile southeast of Kingussie in the Highlands of Scotland, 69 miles northwest of Perth, 15 miles south of Aviemore.

The Barracks are open 7 days a week, all year round, free of charge. Postcode: PH21 1ES.

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The image top is of Ruthven Barracks from the Car Park with Kingussie in the distance behind.

This was the site of Ruthven Castle built from 1229, used by Alexander Stewart, Wolf of Badenoch, son of King Robert II.

Ruthven Castle was partially demolished during the first Jacobite Rising in 1689. Jacobite Risings were a series of Conflicts between 1689 and 1746, mainly Highland Clans fighting to have the Stuart Kings restored to the throne of Great Britain.

Ruthven Barracks were built on the site of Ruthven Castle, completed in 1721 for Government Troops, to try and prevent further Jacobite Risings.

1746 - Ruthven Barracks were taken by a large Jacobite force.

17th April 1746, one day after the Jacobite defeat at the Battle of Culloden, about 3,000 retreating Jacobite's destroyed Ruthven Barracks.

The remains of the Barracks are now preserved as a Tourist Attraction.

1799 - the 4th Duke of Gordon began the building of Kingussie Town, 1 mile west of Ruthven Barracks.

The Duke owned vast areas of land throughout north Scotland, with this being a time landowners were encouraging Crofters to move into Towns for industry such as Textiles.

Land the Crofters worked, was then used for large scale sheep farming.

Many Crofters emigrated to North America at that time.

Other Barracks and Forts built in the Highlands around that time were:

1654 - Fort William north of Glencoe built by forces of Oliver Cromwell, then later used against the Jacobite's, with the Cameron's and MacDonald's being the main Jacobite Clans in that area.

1717 - Bernera Barracks on the route from Fort William to the Isle of Skye.

1727 - the original Fort George in Inverness.

1729 - Fort Augustus on the south side of Loch Ness.

Northern Castles used by the Government against the Jacobite's were:

Blair Castle north of Perth, owned by Murry's, used by Government forces, and at times taken by Jacobite's.

Inveraray Castle on the mountain road to Oban, owned by Campbell's.

Kilchurn Castle on the mountain road to Oban, also owned by Campbell's.

Urquhart Castle on the west side of Loch Ness owned by Grant's, was eventually blown up to prevent Jacobite's from using it.

Military Roads and Bridges were built throughout Scotland at that time, linking these Castles and Barracks. Many of these Military Roads are still used today.

Some of the Bridges are amazing, although most are now only used for walking as they were too narrow for cars in both directions. View Old Invercauld Bridge by Balmoral Castle.

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