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Wigtown is in Galloway southwest Scotland, 30 miles east of Stranraer, 54 miles southwest of Dumfries.

Wigtown attracts visitors for its Book Shops, Book Festival, Martyrs Graves, Bar Meals, and the Bladnoch Distillery 1 mile southwest.

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The image top is looking over the Market Square and Market Cross. There are a number of Book Shops around the Square, Cafes, Pub named the Galloway Bar, and the Craft Bar / Diner with Rooms.

The image right is the Glaisnock Guest House & Cafe.

Wigtown Town Hall is on the north side of the Square. This Building was originally the Wigtown Sheriff Court, built around 1863 in French Gothic style. The Court closed in 1975, leading to the Building being used for Community purposes.

The road down past the Tower side of the Town Hall, leads to Wigtown Parish Church and the Martyrs Graves.

The War Memorial is outside the Church grounds.

The Martyrs Graves are the ones with the Iron Fence around them.

1685 11th May - the Covenanters William Johnston, John Milroy and George Walker were Hanged.

The women Margaret McLachlan 63, and the 18 year old Margaret Wilson, were tied to a Stake in Wigtown Bay while the Tide came in. As they refused to Swear an Oath to the King, both were left to Drown.

The Grave Stones give information on these People and their Executions.

The King was head of English Churches at this time, with Scotland having Elders as head of their Churches. Some Kings tried to force the Scottish Churches to accept the King as their head, leading to a number of Wars such as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, English Civil War, and Bishops War.

Scottish people of the Presbyterian Faith, opposed to the King becoming head of their Churches, were known as Covenanters. Many Covenanters were Hunted down at this time, and Executed if they refused to Swear an Oath to the King.

The image right is of the Martyrs Stake where the Women were Drowned. The road down past the Church leads to the Stake. There is also a Notice Board with information on the event.

This Stone Stake is in the location of the original Wooden Stake.

This area was once the Original Harbour, but has Silted Up over the years. The new Harbour was built further up River in 1818.

Bladnoch Distillery is 1 mile southwest of Wigtown, with a Visitor Centre, on the A714 road. The Distillery has been producing fine Scotch since 1817.

Next to the Distillery is the Bladnoch Inn, popular for Drinks and Meals. Bladnoch is a few Houses, the Distillery, Inn, and Bridge over the River Bladnoch.

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