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Dumfries and Galloway Attractions

Below is a list of Dumfries and Galloway attractions, towns and villages arranged in areas.

You can print off this list to help find the many attractions with the postcodes for SatNav and mobile phone maps.

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Dumfries and Galloway Attractions along the M74 / M6

Gretna Green Town - DG16 5EA - for the Old Blacksmiths Wedding Museum and Gretna Gateway Shopping, small entrance fee to museum.

Ecclefechan Village - DG11 3DG - for the Thomas Carlyle's Birthplace museum and grave in the church cemetery, small entrance fee.

Lockerbie Town - DG11 2JH - for the Sherwood Crescent Memorial, Pan Am 103 Garden of Remembrance half of a mile west, and Tundergarth Church with the Pan Am 103 Book of Remembrance 3 miles southeast, all free.

Moffat Town - DG10 9EF - for the town museum, Moffat Mill shopping, and hiking the Grey Mares Tail 10 miles east, museum free.

Dumfries Area East

Dumfries Aviation Museum - DG1 3PH - 3 miles east of Dumfries for a selection of fighter jets, only open certain days, check website, small entrance fee.

Lochmaben - DG11 1NG - 8 miles east of Dumfries for King Robert the Bruce parents estate, although the ruined castle seen today was built to replace the original Bruce castle, free.

Dumfries and North along the A76

Dumfries Town - DG1 2RR - for Devorgilla Bridge, Greyfriars Kirk & Burns Statue, Globe Inn Burns local, Robert Burns House Museum, St Michael's Church & Burns Grave, Robert Burns Centre, and Dumfries Museum, all free.

Ellisland Farm - DG2 0RP - museum 7 miles north of Dumfries that Robert Burns leased for 3 years, small entrance fee.

Thornhill Town - DG3 5LU - 16 miles north of Dumfries for the Nith Bridge Cross on the west side of the town, and the Dalgarnock Graveyard for Covenanters graves 2 miles southwest, free.

Drumlanrig Castle - DG3 4AQ - 3 miles north of Thornhill for estate walks, biking, kids play, cafe, castle tours certain days check website, small entrance fee.

Morton Castle - DG3 5EH - 4 miles northeast of Thornhill, a castle ruin in a scenic remote area, free.

Sanquhar Town - DG4 6BN - 11 miles north of Thornhill for old post office, castle ruin, and Tolbooth Museum, free.

Crawick Multiverse - DG4 6ET - 1 mile north of Sanquhar a vast outdoor land art modern stone circle and avenue, small entrance fee.

Wanlockhead Village - ML12 6UT - 9 miles east of Sanquhar, highest village or town in Scotland with a Lead Mining Museum and Heritage Railway, tour of mines small entrance fee.

Dumfries Area Southeast on the A75 and B725

Devils Porridge Museum - DG12 6TF - 19 miles southeast of Dumfries, 4 miles northwest of Gretna off the A75 for a museum covering the vast munitions factory in the area during the two world wars, small entrance fee.

Ruthwell Cross - DG1 4NP - 10 miles northwest of the Devils Porridge Museum for a a large ancient stone cross in a small church, free.

Savings Banks Museum - DG1 4NN - under 1 mile southwest of Ruthwell Church in Ruthwell Village for the first savings bank in the world, free.

Brow Well - DG1 4NN - closest postcode, under 1 mile southwest of Ruthwell Village on the B725 for a well rich in iron and salts used by Robert Burns in an attempt to cure his illness, free.

Caerlaverock Castle - DG1 4RU - 6 miles west of the Brow Well, 8 miles south of Dumfries, on the B725, a historic ruin in a scenic estate with a cafe and visitor centre, small entrance fee.

Dumfries Area South on the A710 and A711

Mabie 7 Stanes - DG2 8HB - 5 miles south of dumfries on the A710 for biking and walking through woodland, small parking charge.

New Abbey Corn Mill - DG2 8BX - 2 miles south of Mabie a museum of a working corn mill, small entrance fee.

Sweetheart Abbey - DG2 8BU - impressive abbey remains towering over the scenic village of New Abbey with a cafe and pub, small entrance fee.

Kirkbean Village - DG2 8DW - 5 miles south of New Abbey on the A710 for John Paul Jones fathers grave in the church cemetery, and Carsehorn Village 1 mile east for the Steamboat Inn for meals with sea views.

John Paul Jones Cottage Museum - DG2 8BQ - 2 miles southeast of Kirkbean in a country estate for a local that became a famous American Navy Commander, small entrance fee.

Southerness Village - DG2 8AZ - holiday village 4 miles south of Kirkbean at the southern tip of the peninsular off the A710 with a popular hotel / diner, beach and coastal walk.

Rockcliffe Village - DG5 4QG - scenic coastal village 10 miles west off Southerness off the A710 with a good beach and coastal walks.

Kippford Village - DG5 4LL - scenic village 4 miles north of Rockcliffe off the A710, with a marina, cafes, hotel / diner and 2 mile coastal walk to Rockcliffe.

Dalbeattie 7 Stanes - DG5 4QU - 3 miles north of Kippford on the A710 for woodland mountain biking, walking and cafe, small car park charge.

Dalbeattie Town - DG5 4AL - 2 miles north of Dalbeattie 7 Stanes on the A710 for a local museum, house of William Murdoch first officer of the Titanic, and scenic park with a pond, bandstand and tennis, all free.

Drumcoltran Tower - DG2 8LF - 5 miles northeast of Dalbeattie off the A711, a towerhouse castle that you can walk around the top for great views. Free.

Castle Douglas Area

Castle Douglas - DG7 1AE - for shopping, park and loch for boating.

Threave Gardens - DG7 1RX - 1 mile south of Castle Douglas in an estate with mansion house for visits, scenic gardens, and cafes, small entrance fee.

Threave Castle - DG7 1BG - 4 miles southwest of Castle Douglas off the A75 an impressive castle ruin on an island with a 1 mile walk then short boat trip to the island, small entrance fee.

Orchardton Tower - DG7 1BG - 6 miles south of Castle Douglas on the B736 a rare round towerhouse you can walk around the top for great views, free.

Balcary Bay - DG7 1QZ - 6 miles south of Orchardton Castle off the A711, a hotel / diner in an estate with sea views.

Dundrennan Abbey - DG6 4QH - 6 miles southwest of Balcary Bay on the A711 an impressive abbey ruin, small entrance fee.

Kirkcudbright Town - DG6 4HZ - 6 miles northwest of Dundrennan on the A711 for MacLellan's Castle, Broughton House museum, Tolbooth art centre, Stewartry Museum of local life, wildlife park, and places used for The Wicker Man film.

Cocoa Bean Company - DG6 4NP - 6 miles north of Kirkcudbright off the A75 for chocolate factory / shop, cafe / diner and large kids play.

David Coulthard Museum - DG6 4NP - next to the Cocoa Bean Company for his race cars, awards and pro F1 simulators, small entrance fee. Not always open but can be booked at times by phone in advance 01557 860 608.

Twynholm Village - DG6 4NT - 1 mile west of the Cocoa Bean Company off the A75 for David Coulthard family business, church, school and hotel / diner.

Cream o' Galloway - DG7 2DR - 7 miles southwest of Twynholm off the A75 for a cafe with their own produce and a large kids play.

Gatehouse of Fleet Area

Gatehouse of Fleet - DG7 2HS - next to the A75 for the Old Mill visitor centre with diner, walk to the Rutherford Monument, and places used in The Wicker Man film.

Cardoness Castle - DG7 2EH - half of a mile southwest of Gatehouse of Fleet by the A75, a partial ruined towerhouse with great views from the top, small entrance fee.

Anwoth Church - under 1 mile west of Cardoness Castle off the A75 for locations used in The Wicker Man film.

Cairnholy Chambered Tombs - DG8 7EA - 6 miles west of Cardoness Castle off the A75, 4,000 year old burial tombs with information, free.

Carsluith Castle - DG8 7DY - 2 miles west of the Cairnholy Tombs next to the A75, a partial ruin with great views and a cafe / diner next to it, free.

Creetown Village - DG8 7JB - 3 miles northwest of Carsluith Castle off the A75 for the Heritage Museum, Gem Rock Museum with its popular Cafe / Diner, and places used in The Wicker Man film.

Cairnsmore of Fleet Walk - DG8 7BA - 3 miles north of Creetown off the A75, a 2,332ft hill/mountain popular for hiking.

Kirroughtree 7Stanes - DG8 7BE - 6 miles northwest of Creetown off the A75 for biking and walking in a forest park with large visitor centre, bike hire and cafe.

Whithorn Peninsular

Wigtown Town - DG8 9EH - for its book shops, book festival, martyrs graves at the church, ones with railings around, and martyrs stake down past the church, free.

Torhouse Stone Circle - 3 miles west of Wigtown right next to the B733, 19 stones thought to be for King Gauldus Tomb, free.

Bladnoch Distillery - DG8 9AB - 1 mile southwest of Wigtown down the A714 or B7005 for distillery tours and the Bladnoch Inn for meals.

Garlieston Village - DG8 8BQ - 7 miles south of Bladnoch off the A746 for a 3 mile coastal walk to Cruggleton Castle ruin high on rocks, and information on the village connections to WWII.

Galloway Tanks - DG8 8HF - 1 miles south of Garlieston at Penkiln Farm for off road driving in tanks, 4x4s and shooting.

Cruggleton Church - DG8 8HN - 3 miles south of Garlieston off the B7004 next to the B7063 a small 1100s church in the middle of a field 100 yards from the car park at the road.

Whithorn Town - DG8 8PD - 5 miles south of Garlieston on the B7004 for the Whithorn Story Visitor Centre, Whithorn Priory with a museum containing ancient Christian stones, and locations in The Wicker Man film, priory free, museum small entry fee.

Rispain Camp - DG8 8NA - 1 mile west of Whithorn off the A746 at Rispain Farm, for the remains of a fortified iron age farm, free.

Isle of Whithorn - DG8 8LL - 4 miles south of Whithorn on the B7004 for St Ninian's Chapel, Witness Cairn and lighthouse with rocks for climbing over. This is now not an island as a causeway has been built, free.

Burrowhead Holiday Village is situated 2 miles southwest of the Isle of Whithorn for the end scene of the film where the large Wicker Man is burned on the furthest south point on the peninsular.

St Ninian's Cave - DG8 8JU - 3 miles northwest of the Isle of Whithorn off the B7004 with a 1 mile walk from the car park down to the historic cave and beach used in The Wicker Man film, free.

Maxwell's Otter - DG8 8NJ - 6 miles north of St Ninian's Cave off the A747 at the single lane road to Saint Medan Golf Club, a bronze statue of the otter high on top of cliffs with amazing views, free.

Barsalloch Fort - 2 miles north of Maxwell's Otter right next to the A747 with a number of steps up to an Iron Age fortified farming settlement dating to around 2,000 years back, free.

Port William - DG8 9SE - 2 miles north of Barsallach Fort on the A747 for a cafe / gift shop and Fisherman Statue by the pier.

Drumtroddan Standing Stones - DG8 9LE - 2 miles east of Port William on the B7085 then B7021 for 3,000 year old stones for religious purposes, free.

Druchtag Motte - 2 miles northeast of Port William following the A747 north for under half a mile then signs east for Mochrum with the Motte being about 100 yards north of Mochrum village via a narrow road. A small steep Motte that would have had a fortified house on top with a rope to pull yourself up, free.

Chapel Finian - DG8 9RT - 5 miles north of Port William on the A747 a 900s chapel in honour of Finnian of Movilla a 500s Irish Saint, free.

Luce Bay - DG8 0JT - 3 miles north of Chapel Finian for a holiday park, Cock Inn for meals, and the vast bay for walking and fishing.

Glenluce - DG8 0PS - 5 miles north of Luce Bay off the A747 a quiet village with a holiday park and a hotel.

Glenluce Abbey - DG8 0JH - 2 miles northwest of Glenluce on a country road, 1100s abbey remains built for Rolland, Lord of Galloway, small entry fee.

Castle Kennedy - DG9 8SL - 6 miles west of Glenluce off the A75 for a partial ruin 1600s castle, vast gardens with views of an 1800s castle, and a cafe. A few scenes for The Wicker Man film were made here, small entry fee.

Mull of Galloway Peninsular

Cairnryan Village - DG9 8QX - on the A77 for the ferry port for Ireland with some of the largest ferries in Scotland, and where some of the largest UK warships were scrapped.

Stranraer Town - DG9 7RA - 6 miles south of Cairnryan on the A77 for a castle in the town centre, free museum, and boating lake in a fun park.

Agnew Monument - DG9 0RQ - closest postcode, 5 miles west of Stranraer on a hill for views, built in 1850 in memory of Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw Castle.

Corsewall Lighthouse - DG9 0QG - 10 miles northwest of Stranraer, hotel / restaurant / tea / coffee in one of the most remote coastal places in Scotland.

Killantringan Lighthouse - DG9 8TW - 15 miles south of Corsewall Lighthouse on the coast, a scenic remote spot with a long sandy beach.

Dunskey Gardens - DG9 8TJ - 3 miles south of Killantringan Lighthouse for a maze, walled garden, and woodland walks, small entry fee.

Portpatrick Town - DG9 8LE - 1 mile south of Dunskey Gardens, a scenic small harbour town for kids play, tennis, bowling, putting, golf, sea fishing, harbourside diners, and coastal walks.

Sandhead Village - DG9 9JF - 10 miles southeast of Portpatrick on the east coast for a long sandy beach, and hotel / diner.

Klirkmadrine Church - DG9 9JZ - 2 miles southwest of Sandhead with religious stones dating from the 400s to 1100s AD, free.

Logan Botanic Gardens - DG9 9ND - 6 miles southwest of Klirkmadrine Church for scenic gardens and cafe / diner, used for scenes in The Wicker Man film, small entry fee.

Port Logan Village - DG9 9NG - one and a half miles south of Logan Botanic Gardens for the Logan Fish Pond, shore fishing, and the village was used for the filming of the BBC series Two Thousand Acres of Sky starring actress Michelle Collins.

Drummore Village - DG9 9PU - 5 miles southwest of Port Logan, a harbour village with an Inn and good shore fishing 1 mile north.

Mull of Galloway - DG9 9HP - 5 miles south of Drummore, furthest south point in Scotland with a Lighthouse Museum with great views from the top, an RSPB Visitor Centre, and diner on top of cliffs, small entry fee for the lighthouse.

North Galloway Area

Newton Stewart Town - DG8 6DB - for a free local museum, shopping and hills / mountains up to 2,700 ft all around.

Glentrool - DG8 6SY - 10 miles north of Newton Stewart off the A714 for a visitor centre / cafe, biking, Bruce's Stone, walking, and hiking mountains up to 2,700ft.

Clatteringshaws - DG7 3SQ - 13 miles northeast of Newton Stewart for a visitor centre / cafe, Bruce's Stone walk, and Otter Pool on a drive down a forest road, there are a number of attraction on the A712 roadside between Newton Stewart and Clatteringshaws such as a platform over a glen, monument on a hill, waterfalls, and deer park.

New Galloway Village - DG7 3RN - 8 miles east of Clatteringshaws on the A712 for an Inn, cafes, and the CatStand Arts Centre.

Loch Ken - DG7 3NQ - 4 miles southeast of New Galloway on the A713 for two watersports centre's and a holiday park.

St Johns Town of Dalry Village - DG7 3UW - 3 miles north of New Galloway on the A713 for a hotel / diner, Inn / diner, Covenanters monument, and walking on the Southern Upland Way.

Corserine Mountain - DG7 3XS - 2 miles north of Dalry on the A713 then a 3 mile drive along the Forest Estate single lane road to the free hiking car park, a 2,671ft mountain with a tourist trail and a tougher loup.

Carsphairn Village - DG7 3TQ - 9 miles north of Dalry on the A713 for a Heritage Museum and mountains on each side up to 2,600ft for hiking.

Loch Doon - KA6 - 10 miles north of Carsphairn off the A713 for a an Osprey view cafe, Ospreys nesting, gorge walking, biking, partial ruined castle, forest drive, hills / mountains from 1,000ft up to 2,600ft, and the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory.

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